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Is it good to use IELTS materials from online blogs?

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IELTS exam assess the proficiency of a student in English language on the basis of four modules. These modules do not come with a fixed syllabus, thus getting hold of the authentic material to prepare for the exam can be a bit difficult. Apart from the Cambridge books and Cambridge certified material, various blogs also provide…

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Is IELTS 7.0 Band Score good for study visa

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One of the requisites of getting a study visa is IELTS exam score. To apply for a study visa, students need to show an offer letter along with a few other documents to the embassy.  In order to procure that offer letter, students have to meet the criteria set by the college or university. For undergraduate…

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IELTS Preparation practice Questions

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IELTS exam comprises of four modules which entail a variety of question sets. The Reading and Listening modules have somewhat similar type of questions, but for the Writing and Speaking modules, the question are different. In the Reading module, the students appearing for the academic exam get three passages out of which 40 questions are drafted….

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How much band score is required to study in Toronto

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Toronto is one of the most sought after locations amongst overseas students to study. It has emerged as a hub of education having prominent colleges like Humber college, Seneca college, Centennial college and George Brown college, and also premier universities like University of Toronto, York University, Ryerson University and OCAD University. One of the pre-requisites to…

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What all to be Checked before joining IELTS course ?

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IELTS though is just a language assessment test, but it still requires preparation. Even for a person who is quite fluent in the language, understanding the ways to attempt the paper in a limited time frame is quite important. Thus, it is often suggested that students opt for an IELTS preparation course before appearing for the…

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Can I get a Canada Study visa for IELTS 6.5 bands?

IELTS is a pre-requisite to apply for a study program in most of the colleges and universities in Canada. The requirement of band scores can vary as per the course and the institution where the student has to apply. Universities take students at a higher band score than the colleges. In Canada, band requirement also varies…

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How important is Grammar of ielts

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Grammar, that is, proper usage of English, is definitely important for IELTS but its importance varies from module to module. Incase of writing and speaking it holds more value as compared to in reading and listening. Writing and Speaking: Since a candidate does most of the descriptive work in these two modules therefore grammar matters a…

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Penalty Areas for Indian Students in IELTS Listening

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Since Indian students are writing and speaking in English with Indian accent, with not much exposure to foreign accent, it can be the cause of some penalties they may face in IELTS listening module. Let us know what these likely penalty areas are and how you can overcome these risk areas in order to achieve Band 9 in…

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How do I choose my exam centre for IELTS?

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IELTS exam is held multiple times throughout the year in around 140 countries. The exam is conducted on Thursday and Saturday of the week. The student can look for the exam date on the websites of IDP and British Council. The websites of both IDP and British Council have lists of their chosen centres at fixed…

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Apply For George Brown College

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Postgraduate programs: Strategic Relationship Marketing (co-op) Sports & Event Marketing (co-op) Financial Planning Small Business Entrepreneurship Human Resource Management (co-op) International Business Management Wireless Networking Information Systems Business Analyst Food & Nutrition Management Undergraduate programs: Business Administration with specialisations in Accounting, Marketing, Financial Management, Human Resource, International Business Management Early Childhood Game Development Fashion Management Architectural…

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