George Brown College

George Brown College (GBC) was established in 1967 by the government of Ontario. It is a public, fully-certified college of applied arts and technology with three full campuses in downtown Toronto, Ontario.

George Brown college offers variety of programs such as in art and design, business, community services, early childhood education, construction and engineering technologies, health sciences, hospitality and culinary arts, preparatory studies, as well as specialized programs and services for recent immigrants and international students.

It provides degree programs which are being approved by the Ontario Post-Secondary Education Quality Assessment Board. As the College is also a member of Association of Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology of Ontario, Association of Canadian Community Colleges.

Over 1,300 continuing education courses are available in this college. Currently, there are about 15,000 full-time students, including 1,400 international students, as well as over 60,000 part-time and continuing education students.

Since from the time of its establishment in 1967, the College has launched rewarding careers for thousands of people. As it has its close relationships with industry, George Brown College creates and enhances relevant programs and curriculum to fulfill the needs of both students and employers by producing workplace-ready graduates who are highly sought after. The Ontario’s colleges have made a comparative research and revealed that nine out of 10 George Brown graduates get jobs within just six months of graduation.

In addition, as it has connections with industry, George Brown College also nurtures strategic relationships with government agencies, community partners, and educational associations, both within Ontario and beyond. George Brown is better able to offer the programs that will enable the students to fulfill their dreams of getting the careers they want to pursue, by remaining widely connected to the community in which the college operates.

George Brown was named as one of “Canada’s Top 100 Employers” by Mediacorp Canada Inc. in October 2008, and was also featured in Maclean’s newsmagazine. Later that month, George Brown was also named as one of Greater Toronto’s Top Employers, which was announced by the Toronto Star newspaper.


Location & Facilities:- 

George Brown is unique among Canadian colleges as located in downtown Toronto. As a George Brown student will enjoy unparalleled access to a wealth of social, recreational and personal development experiences that Toronto offers and it is also surrounded by the biggest and best employer community in the country.

The College is adjacent to Toronto’s world class art galleries, museums, theatres and sports centre’s.


Facilities available at college:-

  • Dental, hearing and fitness services
  • Graphic design for not-for-profit organizations
  • Beauty services for your hands, face, body and hair
  • Clothing and accessories at discount prices
  • Theatre in the Distillery District
  • Gourmet meals at The Chefs’ House restaurant
  • Baking and main course meals at our take-out food shop.

List of Departments / Schools / Faculty / College

The college provides with more than 66 diploma programs, as well as five degree programs, one in conjunction with Ryerson University and also 45 certificate programs and 33 post-graduate programs round out the college’s full-time offering.

  • Architectural Studies
  • Business
  • Chef School
  • Computer Technology
  • Construction Technologies
  • Dance
  • Deaf and Deaf Blind Studies
  • Dental Health
  • Design
  • Early Childhood
  • ESL and Teaching ESL
  • ESL for International Students
  • Fashion
  • Financial Services
  • Health and Wellness
  • Health Sciences
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Immigrant Education
  • Jewellery
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Mechanical Engineering Technologies
  • Nursing
  • Social & Community Services
  • Theatre
  • Work & College Preparation
S.No. Degree/PG Diploma/UG Diploma Courses
1 PG Dip Human Resource Management
2 PG Dip Fund Raising & Resource development
3 PG Dip Computer and Network Systems Security
4 PG Dip Research Analyst
5 PG Dip International Business Management
6 Bach Business Administration
7 Bach Social Work
8 Bach Applied Business-Automotive Management
9 Bach Tourism Management
10 Bach E-Business Marketing
11 Bach Interior Design
12 Bach Contemporary Music
13 Bach Industrial Design
14 Bach Applied Business-Human Services – Police studies
15 Bach Applied Business – Golf Management
16 Bach Creative Advertising
17 Bach International Business Management
18 Bach Human Resource Management
19 Bach Fashion Management
20 UG Dip Design & Visual Arts
21 UG Dip Hospitality Management-Hotel & Resort
22 UG Dip Electrical Eng techician-power
23 UG Dip Office Administration – General
24 UG Dip Marine Engine Mechanic
25 UG Dip Environmental Techniques
26 UG Dip Hospitality Admin-Hotel & Resort
27 UG Dip Office Administration – Executive
28 UG Dip Automotive Product Design
29 UG Dip Architectural Technology
30 UG Dip Chef Training
31 UG Dip Ski Resort Fundamentals
32 UG Dip Aviation Management
33 UG Dip Electrical Eng technology
34 UG Dip Web Animation and Design
35 UG Dip Travel and Tourism
36 UG Dip Tourism Management
37 UG Dip Professional Golf Management
38 UG Dip Business Administration – Accounting
39 UG Dip Ski Resort Fundamentals
40 UG Dip Fine Arts
41 UG Dip Business Administration
42 UG Dip General Arts & Science
43 UG Dip Automotive Marketing
44 UG Dip Mechanical Techniques
45 UG Dip Automated Systems
46 UG Dip Environmental Technology
47 UG Dip Graphic Design
48 UG Dip Networking
49 UG Dip Social Service Worker
50 UG Dip Ski Resort Fundamentals
51 UG Dip Ski Resort Fundamentals
52 UG Dip Business
53 UG Dip Business – Marketing
54 UG Dip Tool & Die
55 UG Dip Jewellery & Metals
56 UG Dip Business – Logistics
57 UG Dip Mould Maker
58 UG Dip Mech Eng Technology-Auto product design
59 UG Dip Advertising
60 UG Dip Business Administration – Marketing
61 UG Dip Digital Photography & Imaging
62 UG Dip Computer Programmer
63 UG Dip Business Administration – Human Resources
64 UG Dip Digital Photography & Imaging
65 UG Dip Art & Design Fundamentals
66 UG Dip Graphic Design Production
67 UG Dip Architectural Technician
68 UG Dip Interior Design
69 UG Dip Business – Accounting
70 UG Dip Culinary Management
71 UG Dip Computer Analyst
72 UG Dip Automotive Manufacturing



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