Speaking questions for IELTS

The Speaking module tests the student’s ability to speak in English. It is structured in a way that it assesses if a student can sustain a conversation in English or not and if the student can speak uninterruptedly for 2 minutes.

In the first leg of the exam, student is asked some personal questions. These could be related with the candidate’s name, home, city, education, liking and disliking. These type of questions can be rehearsed in advance so that student does not have to waste time thinking about his liking or disliking.

Once the introductory questions are over, a cue card is handed over to the student and he is given one minute to prepare for it. After that, the student has to speak about the cue card for approximately 2 minutes. These cue cards are also quite general in nature. These might be about the favorites of the student, such as, favorite movie or actor or leader etc. sometimes situations are also asked, such as, happiest moment, party held recently, change in life etc. Hardly a topic based on general awareness is given to the students. Though there might be cue cards like favorite law, company, event from history, speech etc requiring some awareness.

After the cue card, student is asked some follow up questions. The number of questions might vary from examiner to examiner but these will be related with the cue card. If the cue card was about happy moment, then the follow ups will be about happiness or to the content spoken by the student in the cue card.

As there is no fixed syllabus for the speaking module, so rather than cramming different cue cards or questions, students should practice speaking in English in daily life.

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