What are the Special Tips For IELTS writing Task 1

Q.1. What are the special tips for IELTS writing Task 1?

Writing is one of the modules of IELTS (International English Language Testing System) Task 1 of writing module requires a candidate of General and Academic to write at least 150 words. General Training and Academic are expected to attempt Task I taking care of sentence formation and structure to ensure effective writing discourse fetching a good band score. Academic students are given a graph, a pie chart, a table, a diagram, or a picture to analyses using comparative language.  Whereas, the students of General Training module are expected to write informal, formal or semi-formal letter in not less than 150 words.

Points to keep in mind to score better (AC/ GT):

  • In order to score better, the students need to make sure that the language used by them is effective and grammatically correct making the write-up flawless. including range of vocabulary.
  • To score well all parts of the question need to be addressed.
  • Candidates need to follow extreme left-hand side alignment and also are expected to use formal language avoiding slangs, contractions, splitting the words at the margins etc.
  • Candidate must writ answers in full; answers written in note form or in bullet points will lose marks.
  • The candidates are required to plan the task so as to attempt well. So planning plays a crucial role in terms of helping to get a good score.
  • The parameters of assessment are task achievement, grammatical range accuracy, lexical resources and coherence and cohesion. Scoring well in all these parameters help the candidate to scale up the performance. Scores are reported in whole and half bands.
  • Always proofread before submitting the tasks.


In case of Academic Writing Task 1, the candidates are assessed on their ability to:

  • Organize data
  • Presentation
  • Comparative language
  • Description of process or a procedure
  • Description of an object or an event or sequence of events

In case of General Training Writing Task 1 (letter), the candidates are assessed on ability to:

  • Engage in personal correspondence.
  • To elicit and provide general factual information.
  • Express needs, wants, likes, and dislikes.
  • Express opinions (views, complaints etc).

These tips will help the candidates for both academic and General Training in writing module to perform good.