Centennial College

Centennial College was establishment in 1966 as Toronto’s   first   public college. It offers more than 95 diplomas and certificate programs in business, communication, community and health studies, sciences and engineering technology, general arts, hospitality and transportations.

These programs emphasized more on practical experience with laboratory learning, industry and agency placements, as well as co-op education. Students are also being prepared for college and university through the general Arts and Science program, and English language Training.

Centennial college provides support in the enrolment of 14,400 full time students and 28,000 students in continuing education. 89% of our graduates got JOBS within six months of graduation.

There are four campuses  Ashtonbee, Progress, Centre for Creative Communications & Morningside

Vision Statement

Transforming lives and communities through learning.

Location & Facilities

The college is located in Toronto’s culturally diverse communities of Scarborough and East York. It offers Job-related programs with co-op, internship and joint agreements options to choose from. On campus accommodation, Walk safe services.

List of Departments / Schools / Faculty / College

School of Advancement, School of /Business, School of community and Health studies, School of Continuing Education, School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science, School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culture & School of Transportation. Through its 8 principle schools, Centennial college offers more than 100+ full time programs and 160-part time programs.

Various courses offered as follows:

Sr.no     Level     Name of the Program

1             UG Dip Advertising Media Management

2             UG Dip Business Administration – Marketing

3             UG Dip Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technician – Automation & Robotics (4105)

4             UG Dip Industrial Design

5             UG Dip Business Administration – Human Resources

6             UG Dip Bioinformatics software professional

7             UG Dip Business – Marketing

8             UG Dip Electronics Eng. Technician

9             UG Dip Motorcycle and Power Sports Products Repair Techniques

10           UG Dip Business Administration – Accounting

11           PG Dip  Corporate Communication and Public Relations (6417)

12           UG Dip Hospitality Management Hotel & Resort

13           PG Dip  Holistic Practitioner Complementary Care

14           UG Dip Heavy Duty Equipment Technician

15           UG Dip Office Administration – General

16           UG Dip Auto Body Repair Techniques

17           UG Dip Hospitality Services

18           PG Dip  Human Resource Management

19           UG Dip Business Administration

20           UG Dip Business Administration – Business Operations Management

21           PG Dip  Advertising Media Management

22           UG Dip Developmental Services Worker

23           UG Dip Architectural Technology

24           PG Dip  Electronics Eng. Technology

25           UG Dip Digital Animation

26           UG Dip Hospitality and Tourism Administration

27           UG Dip Business

28           UG Dip Early Childhood Assistant

29           PG Dip  Sports Journalism

30           UG Dip Business Administration – International Business

31           UG Dip Business – Accounting

32           UG Dip Hospitality Management – Food and Beverage (Catering)

33           UG Dip Computer Engineering Technician – Embedded Networks (3106)

34           UG Dip Accounting Clerk – Microcomputer (2906)

35           UG Dip Recreation & Leisure Services

36           UG Dip Integrated Energy Systems Technology

37           UG Dip Computer Sys Technician-Networking (3404)

38           UG Dip Food and Nutrition Management

39           UG Dip Early Childhood Education

40           UG Dip Computer Repair and Maintenance (3218)

41           UG Dip Aviation Technician – Aircraft Maintenance

42           UG Dip Computer Engineering Technology – Embedded Networks (3107)

43           UG Dip Business – Operations

44           UG Dip Computer Programmer/Analyst

45           UG Dip Architectural Technician

46           PG Dip  Strategic Management

47           PG Dip  Architectural Technology

48           UG Dip Kitchen Management

49           UG Dip Graphic Design

50           PG Dip  Marketing Management

51           UG Dip Esthecian

52           UG Dip Energy Systems Engineering Technician (3755)

53           PG Dip  Biotechnology Technologist – Industrial Microbiology, Coop

54           UG Dip Sports Journalism

55           PG Dip  Advertising Account Management

56           UG Dip Social Service Worker

57           UG Dip Spa Assistant

58           UG Dip Environmental Protection Technician

59           UG Dip Tourism & Travel

60           UG Dip General Arts and Science – Arts Program

61           MBA      Business Administration (University of Canada West)1Yr PG + 1Yr MBA

62           UG Dip Environmental Protection Technology

63           UG Dip Game Design and Development

64           UG Dip Advertising Account Management

65           UG Dip Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology – Automation & Robotics (4106)

66           PG Dip  Environmental Protection Technology

67           Bach      Software Systems Design

68           Bach      Computer and Communications Networking

69           PG Dip  Interactive Digital Media

70           PG Dip  Event Management – Festival and Conference

71           UG Dip Aviation Technician – Avionics Maintenance

72           UG Dip Motive Power Technician (Co-Op)

73           UG Dip Business Foundations

74           PG Dip  Book and Magazine Publishing, Joint Program

75           UG Dip Fine Arts Studio

76           UG Dip Energy Systems Engineering Technology (3756)

77           PG Dip  Hotel, Resort and Restaurant Management

78           UG Dip Mechanical Engineering Technician – Design

79           UG Dip Book and Magazine Publishing

80           UG Dip Biomedical Engineering Technology (3407/3417)

81           PG Dip  Biotechnology Technician – Industrial Microbiology

82           UG Dip Software Engineering Technology

83           UG Dip Software Engineering Technician

84           PG Dip  Project Management

85           UG Dip Software Engineering Technology – Interactive Gaming

86           UG Dip Advertising

87           UG Dip Travel Counselor

88           PG Dip  International Business Management

89           UG Dip Tourism Management – Cultural and Heritage Tourism

90           UG Dip Automotive Service Technician – (Co-Op partnered with TADA)

91           UG Dip Food and Beverage Management

92           PG Dip  Embedded Networks

93           UG Dip Art and Design Foundation Studies (6409)

94           PG Dip  Networking

95           UG Dip Computer Sys Technology-Networking

96           PG Dip  Business Administration – Accounting

97           PG Dip  Automation and Robotics

98           PG Dip  Electronics Eng. Technician

99           UG Dip Tool and Die Maker

100        UG Dip Journalism – Print

101        PG Dip  Environmental Protection Technician

102        UG Dip Electronics Eng Technology

103        PG Dip  Design

104        PG Dip  Financial Services

105        UG Dip Professional Pilot Training

106        UG Dip Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technician – Automation & Robotics (4116)

107        UG Dip Hospitality Foundations (2121)



There are many scholarships provided to students who will give their best performance and all bursaries available to students who will work very well. Provided by local employers, organizations and individuals, these awards are a testimony to the enormous amount of community and corporate support Centennial College has attracted over the years.

Most of our scholarships are aimed at college students who have been in their respective program for at least one year. Our entrance scholarships are open to new applicants to Centennial.



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