Conestoga College

This college was established in 1967. Its is a community based college. This college offers applied education and research leading to the commercialization of innovation in southwestern Ontario.  Conestoga is considered as one of the publicly funded college for nine of the Eleven years by an Independent Research.  Conestoga has led the way for the past three consecutive years in Ontario for graduate employment success.  Conestoga is an outstanding polytechnic institute and a founding member of Polytechnics Canada. Conestoga has 8500 full time students, 4000 Apprenticeship students and 38000-part time students.

Conestoga offers various programs like 120 full-time programs, 37 internship related programs, 7 four-year bachelor degree programs, 3 collaborative degrees, 25 post-graduate certificates and over 100 part-time programs. For nine years, independent research conducted for Ontario ‘s Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities has shown that Conestoga as the number one public college.

The Alumni Association of this College is an exceptionally enthusiastic volunteer organization comprised of more than 40,000 undergraduate and graduate alumni members. The Association is committed to an active partnership among the Alumni, the Community, and the college in order to create a lifelong interest in the success of the College.

Location & Facilities

Conestoga is located in Kitchener Waterloo region of Ontario.

Conestoga is known for its various facilities that make this College number one in the province. Many from the community at-large use their facilities they have created landing pages on their website to make navigation of site as simple as possible.

Facilities which are being provided by the college are Recreation center, Book store, Child care center, Learning commons Center, Printing Services, Food Services, Waterloo Dining Room, ATS center, Woodworking center, Facilities Management.

This multi-purpose recreational complex offers various types of facilities and services to improve one’s standard of living.  Event organizers will find this as a perfect place for sporting events, trade shows, exhibitions, concerts and conferences. College has an extensive athletic programs available for students, members and the community.


 List of Departments / Schools / Faculty / College

Conestoga offers various full time programs in different fields they are as follows:

  • School of Business and Hospitality
  • School of Career and Academic Access,
  • School of Engineering and Information Technology,
  • School of Health & Life sciences and Community Services,
  • School of Liberal Studies,
  • School of Media & Design
  • School of Trades and Apprenticeship
  • Conestoga Language Institute

Courses Offered

Sr. No. Level Name of the Program
1 PG Accounting and Information Technology
2 PG Advanced Care Paramedic
3 PG Advanced Police studies
4 PG Applied Health Informatics
5 PG Career Development Practitioner
6 PG Computer Application Development
7 PG Early Childhood Education Resource Teacher
8 PG Environmental Engineering Application
9 PG Event Management
10 PG Financial Planning Services
11 PG Human Resource Management
12 PG Information Management for Health Care
13 PG Integrated Marketing Communication
14 PG Media sales
15 PG New Media Convergence
16 PG Professional Auditing Practice
17 PG Videography Broadcast Journalism
18 PG Woodworking Manufacturing Management
19 UG Accounting, Audit and Information Technology
20 UG International Business Management
21 UG Health Informatics Management
22 UG Community and Criminal Justice
23 UG Architecture – Project and Facility Management
24 UG Mechanical Systems Engineering
25 UG Integrated Telecommunications and Computer Tec
26 UG Diploma RPN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing
27 UG Bartending
28 UG Business Insurance
29 UG Business Marketing
30 UG Business Accounting
31 UG Business Administration – Financial Planning
32 UG Business Administration – Management
33 UG Business Administration Materials &Ops Managem
34 UG Business application and book keeping
35 UG Business Operation Planning
36 UG Culinary Fundamentals
37 UG Culinary Management
38 UG Culinary Skill Chef Training
39 UG Hospitality and Tourism Management
40 UG Hospitality Foundations
41 UG Hospitality Management – Hotel & Restaurant
42 UG Hospitality Operations Food and Beverage
43 UG Retail operations
44 UG Architecture Construction Engineering Technolo
45 UG Cabinet Maker
46 UG Civil Engineering Technology
47 UG CNC Programming Amsterdam and AutoCAD
48 UG Computer Engineering Technology
49 UG Computer Programmer
50 UG Computer Programmer Analyst
51 UG Digital Media
52 UG Electrical Engineering Technology
53 UG Electrical Engineering Technician
54 UG Electronics Engineering Technology Telecommuni
55 UG Electronics Engineering Technician
56 UG Environmental Civil Engineering Technology
57 UG Electrical Technician – Industrial
58 UG Information Technology Application & Technical
59 UG Information Technology Support Services
60 UG Manufacturing Engineering Technology
61 UG Mechanical Engineering Technology-Automated Ma
62 UG Mechanical Engineering Technician -Automated M
63 UG Mechanical Engineering Technology Design & Ana
64 UG Mechanical Engineering Technology Robotics and
65 UG Network Administration Engineering & Design
66 UG Network Administration Systems Engineering
67 UG Process Quality Engineering
68 UG Software Engineering Technician
69 UG Software Engineering Technology
70 UG Web Design
71 UG Web Design &Development
72 UG Welding Engineering Technician
73 UG Wood Work Technology
74 UG Woodwork Technician
75 UG Broadcast – Radio & Television
76 UG Design and Communication Fundamentals
77 UG Graphic Design
78 UG Interior Decorating
79 UG Journalism – Broadcast / Print
80 UG Media & Communications Fundamentals
81 UG Public Relations
82 UG Visual Merchandising Arts
83 UG Aviation – General Arts & Science
84 UG General Arts & Science Diploma
85 UG Occupational Therapist Assistant/Physiotherapi
86 UG Biotechnology Technician
87 UG Dietic Technician


Information and application forms for all awards, bursaries and scholarships under the administration of Financial Aid and Student Awards Office are emailed to all students of this college via their College email accounts. Students should check their College email addresses frequently.

IELTS International Student Entrance Scholarship: Awards presented: 3,000 CDN each

Designed for international students applying to a full-time diploma or degree program and whose IELTS test score meets the minimum language requirements for the program in which   the applicant will be entering.

Business Administration

Ontario Institute PMAC Endowed Academic Grant – Value $ 1000

Construction Techniques

Holcim (Canada) Scholarship – Value: 2 awards of $500.00

Early Childhood Education

Wendy Kudsia Endowed ECE Bursaries – Value: $750.00 – $1,000.00

Event Management Graduate Certificate Program

Bingeman Event Management Award – Value: $500.00

Open to All Programs

Federal Superannuates National Association Award 2010 – Value: $500.00

Students are nominated as they do not have to apply for these award.



There are 2 intakes at Conestoga College one is in September (Fall) and other one is in January (Spring)

Under this section we require information regarding how many intakes are there & which is the Major Intake. For instance, Jan 2011 or Feb 2011