Does IELTS have a Special Answer Sheet?

Yes, except for the speaking module, all the other three modules are attempted on answer sheets provided by IDP/British Council at their respective exam centres.

Reading and listening answers are transferred on the two sides of a same sheet. For writing, sheets are given for both the tasks separately. The format of the answer sheet remains same for both IDP and British Council.

The writing answer sheet bears the logos of IDP, British Council and University of Cambridge, along with columns asking for the candidate’s name, candidate number, centre name, date and the module opted. Task 1 and Task 2 are also stated at the top of the sheet. At the bottom of the sheet, columns for examiner’s use are given. The bands are allocated here in these columns by two examiners.

The reading listening answer sheet is asks for various particulars. Thus, familiarizing yourself with the sheet beforehand can be of some help.

On the listening side of the sheet, the candidate name, candidate number, centre number, date of exam, month and year are asked. Candidate name and centre number have to be written in capital letters, while the other particulars have to be shaded in the box.

On the reading side of the sheet, the gender of the student has to be shaded, then a three-digit language code has to be written and shaded in the box, and the module has to be ticked.

Besides these particulars, both the answer sheets will have 40 columns each where the students transfer their answers. Total correct answers are written at the bottom of the sheet along with the band scores by the examiner.