How do I choose my exam centre for IELTS?

IELTS exam is held multiple times throughout the year in around 140 countries. The exam is conducted on Thursday and Saturday of the week. The student can look for the exam date on the websites of IDP and British Council.

The websites of both IDP and British Council have lists of their chosen centres at fixed locations. Not all the cities, but most of them have centres authorized to conduct the exam. The names of the cities are given at the websites and students can select it from there.

Also, along with the name of the city, the exam dates available are mentioned. Not all the cities will have the same number of exam dates. Prominent cities might have exam dates every week, some might only have one-two exam dates in a month. It varies from region to region. The exam centres have a fixed number of seats. Once all the seats are full, that exam date will not appear in the list at the website. As a lot many students appear for this exam, it is thus advisable that students book the exam well in advance.

Students can either fill the exam through the websites of IDP and British Council, or there are other authorized centres also which can assist the students in booking the exam date. Mostly passport number and some other personal details are required to book the exam. The exam fee also has to be paid right at the time of booking the exam. Candidates can call 980-333-4444 to know the exam fee and the modes of payment.