Is IELTS a General test or there is a specific syllabus

Is IELTS a General test or there is a specific syllabus

IELTS is ideally a test for language assessment and does not has any specific syllabus. However, there is a pattern which is generally followed for the test.

Writing module:

  • For the academic exam, task 1 is of data interpretation where a student is required to describe, summarize or compare a graph (line graph, bar graph, pie chart and table), diagram (any object or event), process(stages), flowchart or a map in minimum 150 words.
  • The source of data for these types can be from anywhere.
  • For General Training exam, task 1 includes letter writing (formal, semi-formal and informal).
  • A situation is presented in the form of cues either for requesting information or explaining the situation.
  • Task 2 remains same for both the categories of exam and is about formal essay writing.
  • The questions can be seeking the student’s response to a point of view, argument, outlining a problem and offering solutions, highlighting advantages and disadvantages.

Listening module:

  • This module is same for both Academic as well as General Training students.
  • The listening exam comprises 4 sections, each including conversations on different topics by native English speakers.
  • The first two sections are in social context. In section-1 often there is a conversation between two people and in Section-2 there is a monologue or a speech.
  • Section-3 and Section-4 are in educational context. Section-3 has a conversation between 3-4 people and Section-4 again has a monologue
  • The tape is played once only and a student is required to answer 40 questions.
  • A variety of question sets is used like fill in the blanks, short questions, matching, labelling a diagram, multiple choice questions.

Reading module:

  • This module varies for Academic and General Training students.
  • Academic module includes three long comprehensions picked up from various books, journals, magazines and newspapers. However, keeping in mind that the students could be non-specialists the questions are drafted in a way that they do not judge the knowledge of the student about that particular topic.
  • General Training module includes texts from books, magazines, newspapers, leaflets, instruction manuals, notices, advertisements, company handouts and guidelines (the situations most likely encountered on a daily basis)

Speaking module:

  • The structure of the exam is same for both Academic as well as General Training students.
  • This test evaluates a students’ use of spoken English and is divided in three parts.
  • In Part-1 general questions are asked on a range of familiar topics like home, family, hobbies, studies, aspirations.
  • In Part-2 a card is given to the student which has 3-4 cues written on it and the student is required to prepare for the same in 1 minute and then speak for 2 minutes.
  • In Part-3 a number of questions are asked based on the topic covered in Part-2. These questions often require detailed answers.