Which is better, Online IELTS course or IELTS Institute?

IELTS exam is ideally supposed to assess the level of English a student is capable of speaking and understanding, but due to the time limit imposed on all the modules, the exam needs to be handled in a different way. Preparing for it through online IELTS courses can no doubt help, but it will definitely lack human touch which is essential for an effective preparation. Thus, preparing from an IELTS Institute seems a better proposition.

Most of the institutes come up with their own time saving tips and tricks, and when these are incorporated through an effective teaching, these definitely bear results. The Writing module is quite vast, and to streamline it and be able to complete the paper in one hour, constant guidance is required. Writing tasks need to be corrected, which can be done on regular basis at the institute with a prompt feedback.

For the speaking module, a student need to be able to speak in front of the examiner. Thus, practicing it beforehand in front of the trainers at the institute can help the student to shed whatever inhibitions he has regarding public speaking. This can be a big drawback of online IELTS courses.

Similarly, for the Reading and Listening modules also creating an examination like scenario is better done at the institutes, rather than through online courses.

Individual attention and constant motivation are the two key features which the institutes can cater to whereas online courses cannot.

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